Simran Pareenja Hindi Actress
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Simran is the lead character Bhoomi Anshuman Prajapati on the television serial Bhagyalakshmi. Since childhood, she always wanted to see herself on the small screen. Bhagyalakshmi is a daily soap opera which aired on Zee Networks channel and TV on 2nd of March 2015. Simran Pareenja is happy grasping the ins and outs of the silver screen. Sumeet Mittal Sumeet Mittal, a young man from Ahmedabad, is a mu >> Read More... Sumeet Mittal noticed Simran from Tu Mera Hero Tu Mera Hero is a show based on a Bollywood movie >> Read More... Tu Mera Hero and selected her to be a part of his show on television. Before the assurance of role in the show, Simran had been chosen by Rashmi Sharma Rashmi Sharma started her career in 2006 after set >> Read More... Rashmi Sharma impressed by her auditions. Simran was prepared to enact as Bhoomi in the serial. It is all the charm and acting skills of Simran that fetched her an opportunity to play one of the main characters at the early stage of her career Initially,

Simran was shy and apprehensive as she lacked experience in the industry and yet she bagged chances to work with experienced actors. Simran had a thought of not getting the sort of importance which she deserved. But then once she started off with the shoot, she amazed people with her charming talent. She very well portrayed the beautifully sketched character. The love which Simran gets from her co-stars is immense as she has taken up a place in the hearts of many people with her loving and bubbly character. Simran is always seen dressed in yellow in the serial as the reasoning is said to be astrological. Simran is doing great with the show. As Simran portrays to be in the daily soap, she isn’t the same off screen. Simran is playing the role of Bhoomi, who is a calm, simple girl. In real Simran is a very loving and bubbly character. She is a powerful and loyal admirer of romance. She is a complete romantic personality in real life which is opposite to what she portrays herself onscreen as Bhoomi. Her talents and skills would make a way to go way too far in the industry.