Telugu Tv Serial Cash

Cash Telugu tv-serials on ETV Telugu

Cash show was telecasted on ETV every Saturday at 9:00 P.M. The program was presented by famous host Suma. Every week numerous personalities are invited as guests and are permitted to play the game show. Actors Dhanraj, Praveen, and Prabhas came on the show to appreciate the completion of 200 episodes. The game shows comprised of four rounds. The first round was Stop It. In this round, all the contestants were tested with the same question. All the partakers were permitted to respond to the question, the person who pushed buzzer was given two chances to play the game. This game consisted of a scoreboard where every member nominated a point where the light sparks. The figure obtained was the marks given to contestant.

The second round of the show was Nenu Na celebrity. In this round, queries are asked concerning celebrities. The person who answered was given the reward amount. In the third round university students are called and are surveyed for some problems, and those inquiries queried to celebrities. In the fourth round, all the prizes were shown on a belt, and questions were asked. If the answers are wrong, the awards will fall on ground and collapse. If they win, the person gets all the rewards.

ETV Cash show has effectively completed over 200 episodes. Famous superstars like Reshmi, MM Srilekha, and Radhakrishnan have visited here.Even for the movie promotions, presenter Anasuya and Sri Charan was present on the game show.Prevalent television anchors Syamala, Prerana, and Sreemukhi, amused the public at a recent episode of Cash.Television stars Srivani, and Manjusha too had a gala time on the show.