Telugu Tv Serial Aagamanam

Aagamanam Telugu TV SERIALS on DD Saptagiri

Aagamanam is a Telugu television family drama that airs on DD Saptagiri. Here is the cluster of all emotions that simply holds the time of viewers. Evergreen Actor Sarath Babu and actress Roopa Devi are the lead cast of the series. The series revolves around a husband and wife who struggles there to fulfill their dreams. It is the story from Legendary writer Smt. Yaddanapudi Sulochanarani’s novel, Agamanam. They convert the plot into a magical twenty-six episode serial, which airs between 1990 and 1992. Roopa Devi, the female lead of the series, already set foot in the Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada film industry. The story plot won the hearts of Telugu people world-wide. It also created a separate history in the television industry. Manjula Naidu produces the series under Srikanth Entertainment Private limited with her direction with Bindu Naidu. The series also bagged the Golden Nandi from the government of Andhra Pradesh for best serial. All housewives face some physical issues after their marriage. That may be from the side of the husband or herself. They take the responsibility of solving it. Even hurdles surround their life, they protect other family members.

They are the only persons who take care of all the members. No one can replace her role in the family. She works for the family, and she concerns for everyone. She plays multi roles in the family. She is the mother, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, etc. But she serves her duty without hesitating to anybody. Apart from the cooking works, she manages the administration of the family. If she is a workaholic, then all her stresses dump her, and she doesn’t stop doing her responsibilities. We see such kind of housewife who faces much distress in life. The story took place in the Brahmin ground that exposes traditionality in everything. Will she able to overcome the problems of life? Will she live a happy life? The wife’s happiness lies in the husband’s care. Husbands nowadays take care of their wives. They take part in the kitchen. They also help her with all her household works. They treat her equally and realizes that she is also a human.

But this is quite the opposite when we see the husbands in that generation. They see their wives as the one who works for the family. They didn’t even realize her feelings. Even they show love and affection, he focuses on the business or work. They think of spending time with her as he doesn’t recognize her. Is her husband the same as the usual husband? Will her husband serve for her betterment? Will he stand by her side? Will he help her? What happens in their life? What becomes the situation? Will they overcome all the problems and lead their life happily is the rest of the story. Here is a short story but attracted most families during that period.