Tamil Tv Show Vilaiyattai Oru Vigyanam

Vilaiyattai Oru Vingyanam Tamil tv-shows on MAKKAL TV

This is a show which keeps the sharp technical minds of the society on their heels. As the name of the show itself says it is about Vigyan, which is a Sanskrit word meaning science. And what is science? It is the systematic study of nature. The show follows the concept of scientific learning in life and it is aired on Makkal TV.

Our hosts are well-qualified people who along with the team, goes to a different institution every time to teach them some instigation experiments to get the students an insight of the gadgets we use in the day-to-day life.

A lot of ideas get deployed from the technical side, such as the concept of virtual learning through different smart class operating systems. The show serves well in the field by of ground level, as the show is compact with the theorems and phenomenon which gets discovered by great scientists.

With the help of the normal gadgets we all have in our homes, which also work on the same principles of science, the students get taught how they are unwillingly utilising them, and now they have a reason to connect to. For example, let’s consider the refrigerators in our homework on the principle of Carnot’s reverse cycle. Now this comes under the part of thermodynamics, which is something people fear to learn, but after getting the insight people get the idea why they should learn this.

We are in this 21st century and are surrounded by gadgets; we discuss whether to find the remote of our T.V. or use an application from the play store to run it. We have a lot of options but are we familiarised with some options.

Education to not equally available to all, but measures like this make it available to the minor class. It is not wrong to learn from T.V., a medium where you see things happening, not just some diagrams which are irrelevant to the structure you see in life.

This show is for all the ages and is suitable for people who still have the zeal to learn about nature, as learning has no limit.