Tamil Tv Show Vendhar Veetu Kalyanam

Vendhar Veetu Kalyanam Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Are you bored with regular dramas? Do you wish to tune to something exciting? Do marriages and their sanctity enchant you? Do you bear immense love for reality game shows? Well, if an affirmative answer is what pops in your mind and if you understand the Tamil language, you have come to the correct spot! Vendhar Veetu Kalyanam is a Tamil mainstream television show which aired on Vendhar TV- a channel launched by SRM group and owned by Dr Pari Vendhar. (If in any case, you have missed out on an episode, do not worry! You can easily find the videos online!).

The show is a light-hearted reality show. It follows the concept of 'wedding' and this approach to reality television series is what makes it different from its contemporaries. Engaged couples belonging to various layers of the social strata come on the show as participants. The couples compete for a prize money summing up to 10 Lac rupees. The show brings forth several rounds involving fun games, serious love tests and fiery twists. It also incorporates energising singing and dancing jigs.

The couples cross all possible barriers for proving their love to the world. All the rounds test the duo's compatibility and comfort around each other. The show's managing team has also occasionally invited several eminent faces of the south film fraternity for participation. Despite their victory or loss, the couples always return with a higher sense of belonging and a rejuvenated feeling of love. They all, always, end up falling for each other a little more. Television anchors Rishi and Nisha Krishnan hosted the show. The former is a regular face on Chennai stage.

Till date, he has been a part of several TV, theatre and film creations. He rose to fame with his performances in shows like Deala No Deala (Tamil substitute for Deal or No Deal) and Kaiyil Oru Kodi. He also appeared in films like Payanam and Anandha Thandavam. On the other hand, the latter received runaway success from her portrayal of Draupadi in the show Mahabharatham. She hosted shows like Kitchen Galatta and Surya Vanakkam. She also was a part of films like Naan Sigappu Manithan and Ivan Veramathiri. In November 2015, she married Ganesh Venkatraman. Kala Master who largely contributed to shows like Jodi Number One, Odi Vilayadu Papa, Maanada Mayilada and Idea D 4 Dance, directed this reality show as well.