Tamil Tv Show Magalir Ulagam

Magalir Ulagam Tamil tv-shows on Imayam TV

Magalir Ulagam is a Tamil serial which used to be aired on Makkal TV. The literal translation of the title is “Ladies Width.” This should distract you from what the serial is about. It is a thirty-minute long show which is all about women's fashion. We all know that women want to look the best they can. They spend a lot of money on cosmetics with the sole purpose of looking better than the next girl. This mindset of competition is inside a lot of women who always want to be the best.

Fashion is one industry where a thing can be outdated in a matter of days. Magalir Ulagam is a special show which is dedicated towards helping women in the world of ever changing fashion. They give advice on the new styles which are being released. A person can spend a lot of money on looking better, whereas, another person might want to spend the same amount of money but cannot because of financial constraints. This show also gives tips on how to look better without spending a lot of money.

It is not necessary for everyone to spend a lot on clothes and makeup to look amazing. There are many shops where you can get clothes for cheap, and they will look good. Instead of always going to high end shops, there are street shops which sell the same dress, or an even better looking one for something way less than the ones in an a/c shop. Confidence is the key to every look.

It doesn't matter whether you are wearing the most expensive clothes, or you have put on a kilo of make-up, or you have brought shoes from Armani; unless you have confidence it won't work out. The way a person walks says a lot about themselves. Proper posture is required to display confidence. A bad eye liner can spoil your whole day. Tips are given on how thick and how long your lines should be.

Wearing clothes of proper size is another important thing. You can also wear clothes which are too small for you or you can wear clothes which are too large for you. The show also gives advice on how to dress in a traditional manner. There are many events which happen in a person's family where she cannot wear whatever she feels like. Magalir Ulagam gives advice on what kinds of dresses to wear on this occasion, and how to do your hair so that you are the person everybody is looking at.