Tamil Tv Show Ladies Choice

Ladies Choice Tamil tv-shows on Sun Music

Ladies choice had occupied the prime place in the hearts of the women in the State of Tamil Nadu at large. In one of the popular surveys conducted, the house wives as well the working women preferred to continue with ladies choice rather than any other serials that telecasted. The viewership of the channel had increased to a whooping percentage of 56 when the program aired. Video Jockeys Vidhya Banu and Sangeetha Sairam had the opportunity to anchor and conduct the event on a rotational basis. Thaarshika, Divya Menon, and Sanjana had occupied the chairs for time being. As the name indicates, it was meant only for women. The ultimate aim of the program was that woman after engaging in all sorts of household activities must find some relaxation.

The songs played after every second call. It was centered on motivating the women community at large. The ladies often turned up to the center and exchanged whatever tips they had known. The fields included beauty, protection of house holding articles, news they had gone through, condolences and consolation at the time of flood, Vardha cyclone, and complements as well as credits for anchoring at the best form. One of the most watched episodes was the final day of V. J. Anjana in the field of comparing. She was about to get married to a co-worker the next month. Hence, she had made an announcement during the show that she had decided to give her career a break and start focusing on her personal life.

She had thanked each and every person behind her successful journey of eight years with Sun Music. No one could believe the data released by the Turnout Network Organization on their website. 3742 calls were made in that particular hour. Out of all the calls made, only 12 had connected.. Everyone had acknowledged the service of Anjana and wished her the best for her future endeavors. She had not lost her charm till the end. She had commented through her Facebook page that she had cried after the lights had turned off. She had further mentioned that it had an emotional touch and leaving the entire crew was the toughest decision ever made in her life.