Tamil Tv Show Konjam Nadinga Boss

Konjam Nadinga Boss Tamil tv-shows on SUN TV

Konjam Nadinga Boss belongs to the comedy genre. Adithya TV broadcasts the show. Aadhavan is the host for the show. He became famous by this show only. Mr. Krishna Moorthy is the writer and director of the show. In the show, the host visits different places and ask people to copy a popular film’s dialogue. After that, he captures the moment when they stumble at any place. It is a very funny show. It will make you laugh to the fullest. The dialogues given by the host are very tricky. Normally the places shown are streets where normal people are present.

Aadhavan being an anchor and a mimicry artist is a perfect choice for the host of the show. The show is a laugh-riot show. The show is the first one of its kind. This showcases normal people repeating a popular dialogue from a Kollywood movie. They are made to speak in the similar tone as the actor in the movie has spoken. The clip of the movie containing that dialogue is shown to them before they start to let them know about it. When they start speaking, the anchor does something incredibly funny and makes the audience laugh. The passer-byes are sometimes also asked to sing few lines of a song. The gestures done by the anchor are brilliant.

The way in which he talks to the people will make your stomach pain due to laughing. For the promotion of the show, on the official page of Konjam Nadinga Boss a post was posted. The post stated that anyone who is interested can make his/ her video of a dialogue and upload it on the official Facebook page of Adithya TV, and the video will be shown on television. Aadhvan has done a fantastic job in the show. His sense of humour adds to the entertaining factor of the show. The show is a must-watch show. It is worth all your time. It will make you roll on the floor while laughing. It is a very entertaining show. If you are bored from regular shows and want some entertainment, do watch the show.