Tamil Tv Show Intha Naal Iniya Naal

Intha Naal Iniya Naal Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

The life is complicated; we always face the dilemmatic condition in our life. It creates the distorted state of mind and, it may result in the unfavourable situation. As we are growing with the pace of the technology, we must maintain our mentality in a competitive era. Today’s world is materialistic; it looks good from the outside but, when we go to close with these, we realised the real depth of meaning of this thing. So, we need guidance for living the life peacefully, happily, and in a satisfying way. To satisfy the need of the today’s moral dilemma, the SUN TV brought the show name as Intha Naal Iniya Naal.

The Intha Naal Iniya Naal is a Tamil language TV show. In this show, we will get the guidance about how must one live the life so that, we can enjoy the every bit of our life. Nowadays, we observe common things among all of us may be; you also experienced this thing in your life. In our life, we are so engrossed that, we did not possess the time to live the life for oneself and, our family. The greed of obtaining everything in our life keeps you engaged all the time. In the certain cases, we became blind and, did not bother about the forthcoming results of our present activities.

In the Intha Naal Iniya Naal show, you will get the Suki Sivam. He will guide about the moral concepts of the life and, helps you to solve the difficult situation in your life. He is renowned for his work among, all the Tamil people. His speeches will give you direction about the way of living life. He is guiding you in the indirect way of advice for good and, bad things. Once, you caught the speech of Suki Sivam it will force you to make introspection of ourselves. The Suki Sivam is the famous personality. He is a scholar in the Tamil.

He has also written the books like happiness forever; they said, they said part 1 and 2, what is the answer to my question, and much more. Apart from this, he has given his contribution in the field of the religious guidance and, in the literature as well. The way of delivering the speeches to the audience is quite appreciable. His body language completely grabs your attention. So, don’t miss the Intha Naal Iniya Naal on your SUN TV channel.