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Doctor Doctor Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

“Doctor- Doctor” is a Tamil TV show telecasted on ‘Star Vijay’. It is a talk show that promotes healthy living among the people. In the Television show, the doctors motivate the common people to live a healthy life and uplift their living standards. The doctors give expert advice, solutions for common health issues, preventive measures and diet recommendations. The doctors talk to the invited audience in the show, and it is like a health chat show. The show had a total of three seasons, with different number of episodes in each season. The host of the show was ‘Dr. Dhanasekhar’. Season 1 aired on 15th November 2014. The first episode was about the ‘first three months of pregnancy Trimester’ , where doctor told the audience, how to take care during the initial months of pregnancy. Episode 2 was a discussion on ‘Hair issues and remedies’.

It was a discussion about hair fall issues and, remedies to stop the same. Next, they discussed ‘Headache and its remedies’ in the episode 4. The week later , the discussion was on ‘Winter blues’. On 13th December the episode was on ‘Eye problems’. On 20th December they discussed about ‘Thyroid and its remedies’. The episode after that was on ‘Ortho and Derma issues’. The show continued in 2015 and on 3rd Jan they discussed about the ‘Remedies for indigestion’. On 10th January there was a very special episode on ‘Diabetes’. On 17th January the doctors told the patients how to take ‘care of the face’. On 24th January the doctors discussed about the ‘Back problems’. On 31st January ,a very informative episode on ‘Baby Bump’ came on air.

The 7th February episode was ‘Amnesia’ special. The doctors discussed about ‘obesity’ in the episode after that. The next episode was on 7th March which was about ‘Oral hygiene’. On 14th March the doctors discussed about ‘Hyper insomnia and Insomnia’, and explained the audience about the two in a simple manner. On 21st March the doctors decided to talk about the ‘Methods of surviving a heart attack’. On 28th March the doctor told the audience about ‘ENT problems and their remedies’. In the episode after that, the audience learned ‘Ways to tackle summer season’. In the episode of 11th April the doctors told the actual meaning of “Health is Wealth” to the audience. In the last episode of Season 1 the doctor told the audience all about ‘Hematology’. The show has been truly informative and influential for the audiences. It solved a lot of common health issues.