Tamil Tv Show Avasara Samayal

Avasara Samayal Tamil TV SHOWS on MAKKAL TV

Cooking is a tradition. It is a festival. It is a celebration. It is an art which stems from creativity and love. A passion for some and a daily chore for others, cooking, is dominant in every part of the world. It serves like a trance which consumes people's mind and makes them oblivious to their surroundings. It is a constant battle for perfection and acts like an overwhelming experience for both the creator as well as the consumer.

With every dish that a person creates, he encloses in a dose of love. And that perhaps acts like magic. There is always a scope of improvement. There is always that one ingredient which can entirely transform the flavor of the dish. A recipe is a blend of shape, size, colors, fragrances, ingredients, and technique! At each point of the process, you need to exercise patience and observance. And well, it is a never-ending learning process. There is always something new to try and devour on. The best part is that the art of cooking comes with no limitations. You can expand your horizons to whichever extent you want! You can experiment to your heart's content!

With every step, this process only gets better! Like a treat to all the food lovers, Makkal TV has brought forward the show 'Avasara Samayal'. It is a boon to all those people who wish to sharpen their culinary skills. Food is this television series' staple ingredient. The makers of this project introduce the audience to a range of dishes. Most of the recipes are simple and do not need a grand preparation! The biggest attraction of the show is that it incorporates not only authentic South Indian dishes but also signature recipes from all over the world! Now, that's something to look forward to, isn't it? It was aired in the afternoon for about 30 minutes in the Tamil language. Broccoli Omelette, Chettinad Egg Biryani, Simple Rava Dosai, Vada Curry and Spicy Aloo Masala Curry won several hearts! Recipes of Vatha Kulambu, Rava Kesari, Methi Chicken Masala and Mushroom Egg Podimas were simple to follow. Coimbatore Kozhi Anganan Biryani, Vegetable Fried rice, Crispy Tomato Dosa, Onion Kurma, Pepper Rasam, Egg Dosa and Thakkali Kurma: all tasted like heaven!

The simplicity and warmth of this show directly reach the heart. It will motivate you and ignite the hidden chef in you. So, if you haven't watched it already, do catch the videos online and watch your culinary skills embellish!