Tamil Tv Show Arusuvai Ithu Thani Suvai

Arusuvai Ithu Thani Suvai Tamil TV SHOWS on JAYA TV

Arusuvai Ithu Thani Suvai is a cookery based reality TV show which came on the channel Jaya TV. The series is a Tamil language one that came between Monday and Friday between the half hour slot of 6 PM and 6:30 PM. The program focuses exclusively on South Indian cuisines when compared to the other shows which show all kinds of dishes. This feature made the show a lot more exclusive by catering to a specific segment of the audience. This program’s beauty lies in its very easy to make recipes that can get used and adapted with relative ease by everyone cooking in their homes.

It features dishes which are bereft of any fancy items and ingredients which most people wouldn’t be familiar with or would have difficulty in procuring. Arusuvai Ithu Thani Suvai got hosted by the renowned chef, Revathy Shanmugam. In the initial days, she used to co-host this series alongside the chef Virgil James.

After a point of time, she took over the show in its entirety and became the sole host and chef of the series. The show gained popularity for featuring simplified versions of various recipes to cook and savor authentic South Indian dishes. All the recipes are such that regular everyday cooks, as well as viewers, can try them at home. Revathy Shanmugam is the daughter of one of the most renowned Tamil language lyricist and poet, Kannadasan. She has specialized in the art of preparing traditional and authentic South Indian food. She has in fact developed a long and storied career regarding the same.

 The series had garnered its appeal by dedicating itself solely for all the lovers of South Indian dishes. A large variety of dishes got covered over the many episodes as the series continued to progress. All of this by making use of regular household ingredients. The majority of the items which got showcased on the show included traditional, along with region-specific items. Every one of the episodes also shared health tips for the benefit of the viewers. They contained general information pieces along with season specific anecdotes aimed at maximizing the body’s resistance capability against diseases.

The series got presented by bifurcating it into different categories which looked at the different kinds of foods which can get prepared. The highly talented and sought after chef, Revathy Shanmugam shared many of her special recipes along with the secrets of the kitchen which she learned over a large span of time.