Tamil Tv Show Amutha Mozhigal

Amutha Mozhigal Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

Amudha Mozhigal is a show airing on Sun TV at 7:10 am. The program is 10 - 12 minutes long. The show is an effort to introduce poetry and couplets to the public and all those watching the show. It imparts lessons as to how to live life efficiently and remain happy, and to lead a healthy life. Well- renowned speaker Professor Solomon Pappiah hosts it. The literal translation of the title means 'Nectar-like words.' The program wishes to achieve deliverance of such words of wisdom to all those watching. The show generally features the host reading two stanzas of a poem and explaining them to the person watching. It also imparts knowledge about lifestyle and such and can be considered a self-help show when viewed from that angle.

Professor Solomon Pappiah is considered as an extremely influential personality in the Tamil speaking world. He has been the host of many live shows and has revolutionized the world of Tamil debating. He has introduced topics to the table, which were previously not taken into consideration and has affected the way that opinions are formed. He has been credited with using his skills with language to deliver messages in the simplest possible form to the common man. Professor Pappiah hence was thought to be the ideal candidate to host the show. He has also become a well-known face to the public after his appearance in “Sivaji - The Boss”. The couplets delivered by him on the show have even been published into books.

He has in the past given tips to young debaters and helped them in broadening their horizons. His talk shows which have had elements of debate have been called as 'patti manthrams' have been aired on Sun TV for quite some time, and have changed the face of the way debates are carried out, including the issues that are raised and discussed. He has been socially conscious and has therefore explored themes having sociological implications for a great number of years. The show is a unique and essential addition to the Sun Network as it provides a platform for improvement of language skills, for all those watching, while also preaching a healthy and happy lifestyle. Such concepts delivered by such a prominent personality hold great weight for all those tuning in.