Tamil Tv Serial Krishnadasi

Other names of : Krishna Dasi
Krishnadasi Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Krishnadasi is a Tamil television serial. This Television serial revolved around the myths of Indian Culture and tradition. According to Indian Myths, Krishna is a God and there are around sixteen thousand and five hundred girls to whom Krishna was married to. But there was one girl to whom Krishna was not married to, but they loved each other and that girl’s name is Radha. Radha is a goddess according to the myths of the Hindu religion. Radha loved Krishna more than her life itself.

She could not live without him. So she decided to live with Krishna as a Dasi and this story revolves around this girl Radha, who sacrificed her whole life to Krishna as his Dasi and that’s the reason this serial was named Krishnadasi. This serial is the story of a lover girl who surrendered her whole life for his love and to do anything to get him. The narrator in this serial showed the history of Hindu Mythology and the unflagging moments of Radha for her love.

'Gemini Ganesan' was a Tamil Television Actor. He was born on 17th November 1920. He played multiple roles in Television serials. 'Ranjitha' is an Indian Tamil Actress. She was born on 4th June 1975. She played roles in Television serials like KrishnaDasi, Roja, 'Thekkathi Ponnu', etc and she also worked for various films. Nalini is an Indian Tamil actress. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India. She is married to Ramarajan, and they have two children.

She worked in various Serials like 'Krishnadasi', 'Bandhan', 'Rajkumari', 'Chellakili' and many more. 'Aravind Akash ' is a South Indian Tamil actor. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India. He is well known for his role in serials like Chennai, Krishnadasi and Sena. This is a Tamil TV serial that was directed by Kutty Padmini. This series was based on the Hindu Mythology and a novel by Indira Rajan. This serial was aired on SunTV in the year of 2000 for two years and went on till 2002.