Tamil Tv Serial Anjali

Anjali,was telecasted on the Sun Tv channel. The cast included Mallika,the famed actress from the film ‘ Cheran’s Autograph’ , playing the role of Anjali, Prajin playing the role of Ashok, Vanaja as Kaveri, O.A.K.Sundar as Jeeva, Poovilangu Mohan as Chakravarthy, Rindhiya as Yamuna, Pollachi Babu as Babu, Vandhana as Roja, Brinda das as Nalini, Supriya as Supriya, Devadarshini, Usha, Siva, Subalekha Sudhakar and others.

The Director of the serial was C.J.Bhaskar and it was produced by Anitha Kumaran. The title song became very famous with nice work done by the cameramen. The story revolves around a girl named Anjali. She was a girl who was brought up from a rather poor family. Ashok was a rich guy who fell in love with Anjali. He was very adamant and at point of time, he succeeded in marrying her. Anjali's father was happy that a rich guy had married his daughter. He was also the son of his employer. Ashok's dad was not so happy in this marriage, but he accepted for the sake of his son’s happiness.

After their marriage, Anjali moved into Ashok's house and one day end up seeing Ashok's father strangling his sister. The story took a turn, when Anjali knew that a girl was after Ashok and the mystery about the girl she was having. Anjali was shocked about this. The rest of the story was about her finding the truth and about the way Ashok dealt with the situation. The serial was watched by the audience with interest and they were curious about the turns and twists. The suspense was about the connection between Ashok and the child. The story was knitted in a such way that it made the viewers remain astonished at the end of every episode. The Content has been copied and pasted entirely from Wikipedia!