Tamil Tv Serial Anjali

Anjali  Tamil TV SERIALS on VIJAY TV

Anjali is a Tamil language family melodrama aired in Vijay Tv. The is a series sequel of Kalyanamam Kalyanam starring Adhitri Guruvayappan, Subramanian Gopalakrishnan and Pragya Nagra. It is directed by Bramma and Produced by Jeevarajan.

Kamali gives birth to twins, and Suriya doesn’t want her to know about her specially challenged daughter, Anjali. He leaves her in a home where the guardian takes care of Anjali like her child. Karthik rises her alone. Anjali and her brother Karthick grow close even without knowing that they were siblings.

Karthik takes her to his house where she faces humiliation from the other members of their family. They turn to be best friends, even when their family members hate her. The story focuses on how Anjali faces society and her family before they know the truth.