Malayalam Tv Show Kissan Krishideepam

Kissan Krishideepam Malayalam Tv shows on Asianet tv

Kissan Krishideepam is a Malayalam agriculture based Television show which is aired on the popular and leading Malayalam entertainment television channel Asianet TV. I t is an adult agricultural education based show with an approximate runtime of around 30 minutes including the commercials. Kissan Krishideepam airs on Asianet TV on every Saturday from 7:30 am onwards in the morning as per the Indian standard time (IST). Kissan Krishideepam is a Government sponsored agricultural educational television show that focuses on agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture and other agriculture related activities.

Kissan Krishideepam is an agricultural promotional program which is sponsored and also promoted by government of Kerala. Kissan Krishideepam is one of those programs which is top rated as it provides an integrated and comprehensive idea, education and information on the latest development and technological advancements of farming techniques. Basically this agricultural program focuses on the farming and success stories of farmers from various backgrounds and fields of agriculture.  It showcases farming talents in multiple arenas ranging from agriculture to floriculture, fruit farming, horticulture, pisciculture and poultry. It promotes various and both types of farmers –large and small and various types and modes of modern day form of farming and farming techniques. This show has gained much popularity among the people who deals with agriculture as it provides them with substantial and valuable information regarding their trade.