Malayalam Tv Show Chinmayam

Chinmayam Malayalam Tv shows on Asianet tv
Chinmayam is a spiritual show aired on Asianet television channel. The programme is presented by Swami Asheeshanandaji who currently heads the Chinmaya Mission society in Kerala. This show is a part of the organization’s efforts to popularize the spiritual thoughts.
Swami Asheeshanandaji is highly regarded all over India for his knowledge on ancient literatures and unique preaching styles . In Chinmayam, Swamiji presents the essence of Narayaneeyam in simple terms. Narayaneeyam is a scared book on Lord Vishnu, written in the tough Sanskrit language by a scholar named Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri. 
Swamiji clearly explains the inner meanings of the hymns which enables the world to understand the real meaning of the holy scripts. Better understanding of the ancient literature will help people to awaken the spiritual power and lead a virtuous life. 
This show presented by Chinmaya Mission is of 15 minutes duration , broadcasted five days a week. Chinmayam is an ideal selection for anyone who wishes to start the day with noble thoughts and spiritual awakening. Chinmayam is a part of a group of spiritual programs on Asianet. While the other shows deal with the generally popular sacred texts like the Bhagavad Geetha and the Ramayana, Chinmayam stands apart due to the unique topic , complexity of selection and simple explanation.