Malayalam Tv Serial Cheriya Sreeniyum Valiya Lokavum

Cheriya sreenium Valiya Lokavum Malayalam Tv serials on Kairali people

Cheriya Sreeniyum Valiya Lokavum is a chat show which was aired on Kairali People television channel during from 2012 to 2013. The main highlight of the programme was the renowned actor 'Sreenivasan'. Sreenivasan has been a part of Malayalam Movies since over thirty years. He is well known for his multifaceted talents, creativity and humor.  The chat show mainly revolves around Srinivasan and his experiences in the industry presented in a very interesting and thought provoking manner. He also talks about his early years, role models, inspirations, varied interests, philosophies, friends and foes. But the talks are not entirely focused on movies. Srinivasan brings out several real life experiences and his take on life in general with a pinch of humor.

Sreenivasan has played an important role in many movies as actor, story writer, script writer, director and producer. Hence he uses the platform of Cheriya Sreenium Valiya Lokavum to bring out the real tales behind the birth of some great movies and the struggles which went behind their completion. The chat show also features many of Srinivasan’s friends, colleagues and family members who speak about this versatile genius. Some of the well known personalities who came to the show include Priyadarsan, Sathyan Anthikkad and Hariharan. The show was a show stopper for the channel and was telecasted on Sundays to garner maximum viewership.