Hindi Tv Show Vigyan Prasar

Vigyan Prasar Hindi tv-shows on DOORDARSHAN

Vigyan Prasar is a knowledge-based show in the Hindi language that was telecasted on DD National. DD National is a state-owned satellite-based entertainment channel that is operated under Doordarshan. The show, Vigyan Prasar was one of the pilot projects of Doordarshan when it first went on air. The show was aired at the beginning of the 1990s. The show had multiple episodes of half an hour each. Vigyan Prasar was basically an initiative on the concept of science on television. The initiative was taken for the benefit of kids and young children.

The idea was to make science understandable and accessible within the knowledge of all the young minds of the different strata of the society. Science as a subject has always been feared by many due to its difficulty level. So the initiative was taken to make everyone look at science as something interesting and with curiosity, not fear. Vigyan Prasar is a set of very interesting television shows where science and scientific experiments and concepts were taught via simple experiments and story-telling. Shows like Aisa Hi Hota Hai showed different scientific experiments done by kids. The show had two kids who enacted in different situations and came up with new ideas to make different things using basic home science. The show also emphasized on different topics like soil, pressure, air, vacuum, weather, etc.

They proved these concepts through scientific experiments. Then shows like Har Mutthi Mein Science showed different scientific phenomenon with simple home appliances and ingredients. Then there were many topics based shows like Prakash Ki Kirno ka Rahasya, Theory of Relativity, etc., which taught about light and rays. These shows came were divided into various segments and was taught by different hosts in simple layman language to make the understanding easier and quick.

Some of the shows also talked about the different personalities who made major discoveries in the field of science and their life stories and achievements. Archimedes, Galileo, Acharya Jagadish, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, etc., such personalities were discussed in the form of story-telling. Then there were also segments on Maths videos where theories of maths and problems were solved with the help of pictorial depictions and live examples. Concepts like Network Theory, Shapes and Tessellations, etc., were dealt with in these segments.

Then the concepts of science which evoked curiosity amongst children were taken care of in a show called Baatein Raaz Ki. Many such segments and shows were telecasted by the Vigyan Prasar to inculcate science in the minds of young kids. The show was not only interesting, but it also made the method of learning very interesting which helped the concepts register in the minds easily. The show was loved by kids and adults, all alike.