Hindi Tv Show The Great Indian Love Challenge

The Great Indian Love Challenge Hindi tv-shows on YouTube Channel

‘The Great Indian Love Change’ broadcast by ‘NDTV Good Times’ was a romantic reality show. It was specially made to attract the youngsters by showcasing a very daring and fresh take on love. The show focused on young-age love as the current generation is vocal and more open to the concept and has a very flexible approach towards it. VJ Yudhisthir hosted the show. He not only hosted but also played a role of tough cupid for couples. The show tested the depth of the love of people for their partners and how far could they go to make them happy. Contestants had to work hard and complete three tasks given by the host to win a special prize for their special one. The first task was the least difficult one with difficulty increasing on every next task followed by the previous one.

All the three tasks were not a walk in the park but demanded a lot of passion and effort and also risking their respect and self-esteem. Contestants had to go through many difficult tasks which included public embarrassment, getting out of the comfort zone, pushing their limits and facing their deepest fear to win the object of their partner’s desire as an evidence of their unconditional love for them. Contestants who performed all the three tasks successfully won prizes like an exotic holiday trip, a Longines watch, Diamond Solitaire and other expensive gifts. The winner also got a ‘badge of courageous love’ which was given by the show as a symbol of true love. To win these exclusive prizes all the contenders had to undoubtedly sweat out and prove their undying love to their partners.

One of the contenders Harshvardhan sang five songs wearing a Superman boxer and other parts of his body covered with paint in public place to win a diamond solitaire for his girlfriend, Meenaxi Das. The task turned out to be very challenging and awkward at the same time. The show had its first female contender Salomi who was madly in love with the boy Varun. Salomi won an Apple Mac Book for her boyfriend by completing all the tasks and stood out to be one of the brave lovers. Another female contestant, Sudeepta, broke all the barriers to prove her love for her partner Praneet and won a Longines watch for him as well. The show aired on NDTV Good Times at 9:30 pm every Saturday.