Hindi Tv Show Space Goofs

Space Goofs Hindi tv-shows on Hungama

In the year 1997, a popular French animated series, ‘Space Goofs’ was aired on France 3 in the English language. ‘Space Goofs’ was also being aired on Hungama TV in 2012. All the three leading French production companies Gunther-Waul Productions, Xilam and Gaumont Film Company, produced it for serving the genre of comedy. It has also been aired on UK and U.S.A channels too.

Some amazing characters sketched in anime is Etno Polino, who is a scientific master. He has red lips, big nose, purple body and he is a creator of scientific machines. Bud Budiovitch has a long neck, orange body and tall. He is lazy and an innocent teenager who spends time by watching TV. Candy Caramella is a little and green girl in space goofs, having wrinkles on forehead. Gorgeous Klatoo is a blue and fat chap.

Stereo Monovici has two heads and big nose. These five bizarre-looking aliens crash land on Earth. With no way to go back home, they discover themselves trying to make the feeling of Earth life from the confines of a hired house. The show was created by Jean-Yves Raimbaud, Philippe Traversat.