Hindi Tv Show Shrikant


Shrikant, which gets its name after the protagonist of the show, is based on a novel Srikanta. Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, who is a famous Bengali writer and is predominantly known for his short stories, has penned Srikanta. Pravin Nischol and Manmohan Shetty are the producers. Beside producing, Pravin Nischol is also the director. Ali Raza Sahab wrote the script and made it suitable for the small screen. It revolves around a man named Shrikant. He is suffering from plague.

A kind nurse by the name of Raj Lakshmi takes good care of him and ensures that he becomes hale and hearty. Later, Shrikant shifts to Burma. While going there, he meets a young woman whose name is Abhaya on the boat. Though they are strangers, she soon opens up to him. She tells him that she is married, but their marriage is not a happy union and that there are many problems. He hears all of them out. Later he comes to know that her husband is having an illicit affair with another woman. However, he chooses to hide this from her.

When Abhyas comes to know about this, she shouts at Shrikant from hiding the truth from her. He listens to everything silently as he feels guilty. Later, her husband throws her out of his house. Feeling lost and abandoned, she then starts to live with Shrikant without being married to him, which was a very daring act in those times. Initially, he tries to dissuade her, but she gives witty replies to her and wins over all his arguments. As a result, he has to relent. What happens to this characters? Will they solve their complex issues? Will the society accept them or will they bow down to societal norms? Will the characters all lead a happy life? The storyline reveals all the answers to all these questions. The creators divided it into two parts.

The first part chronicles the lead's life before Burma and the second covers his life post meeting Abhyas. Legendary and late film actor Farooq Sheikh played Shrikant while now famous Bollywood artist who has also ventured into Hollywood, Irrfan Khan, plays the cold-hearted husband. Mrinal Kulkarni, who is now an accomplished Marathi and Hindi actress, essayed the courageous Abhaya. She was only nineteen years old when she gave justice to this role. Doordarshan Channel telecasted the show. They even re-telecasted it again on August 26, 2013. However, only they aired the second part only, and the makers shorten the first one into four episodes.