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Mtv Splitsvilla 8 Hindi tv-shows on M TV

MTV Splitsvilla is a reality television show which is quite popular among youngsters. It’s a copy of an American reality show ‘Flavor of love”. Its concept is what makes is so popular. This show is all about finding your true love, date them, control your emotions and at last dump them to win the show.

To be precise, the standard concept of this show is contestants, who live in a villa named ‘splitsvilla’ for days, have to pair up with the one they think is their true love and have to compete to become the ultimate king and the ultimate queen. MTV Splitsvilla 8 was hosted by stunning Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh, replacing Nikhil Chinapa. Karan Kundra too joins later for a while.

This time, the location of the show was Goa, the place of romance. This season was the most popular season in the show’s history. The reason being its different concept this time. This season focused on “What Women Love” which sounds fascinating by its name itself. The show had eight celebrity boys and the rest eight were called regular boys and of course, there were fourteen gorgeous girls. Subuhi Joshi made her entry as a queen, who was also a contestant in season 6. Also, this season so many new things to see and to entertain.

We had bisexual participants like Karishma and Gaurav. In the previous season, we have seen Gaurav beaten black and blue by another contestant of that season, Prabhjot. Gaurav was Subuhi’s partner then. He had to leave Season 8 due to illness. We could see some true love couples like “Subuhi and Ishaan.” Though was self-centered, and Ishaan was exceptionally rich, this fact was kept aside to prove that they were TRUE love couple.

The other true love couple was “Sana and Utkarsh”. This show also focused on gay couple “Karishma and Sharika”. There were other pair-ups too like “Prince and Anuki” “Karishma and Zaan” “Yash and Sophiya”. A regular girl and a regular boy couple were not considered as a very powerful one. A regular boy would get dumped within 2-3 days, and same would happen with the regular girl dating him. Some girls were smart enough to dump the regular boy to date a celebrity boy to stay strong in the game.

This season has seen a lot of anger, revenge and wickedness. The youth is getting too smart these days. After beating every regular guy and girl 3rd runner-up were “Subuhi and Ishaan”. 2nd runner-up were “Karishma and Zaan”. 1st runner-up were “Utkarsh and Sana”. And with playing with their ruthlessly smart brains “Prince and Anuki” became the ultimate king and queen.