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Mtv Hits Hindi tv-shows on M TV

The full form of MTV is ‘Music Television’ it’s owned by Viacom Media Networks, a division of Viacom headquartered in New York City. The motive of launching it back in the year 1981 was to concentrate on the trends and the likes of young adults, but as the time passed their focus shifted to teenagers. MTV Hits is an important product they have, as now they have moved on to the genres of comedy, horror, and others.

It is a go-to show where we get introduced to the latest music, the album launches, and we could request for songs also.

It features music in different languages Every country has their version with a blend of some of the latest songs of other languages. Today a teenager is aware of the happenings and popular content, for this, the credit goes to MTV. After the burst of social media, the channel has brought on a new prototype of content where people connected through social media could request and dedicate songs to each other.

The segments divided in the conventional format of morning afternoon and evening where the music differs according to the mood. Starting from light-hearted music to some high energy beats at night. But on some days, the show gives a platform to a few indie bands in the country to showcase their talent, which is a brilliant thing for the upcoming artists to gain popularity.

The show is ideal for places where people gather to relax and chill and even in places they gather to enjoy music. The hosts play a small part in the show as the viewers don’t have to be guided. The playlist present on the side of the screen shows which songs will be played next.

The channel shows a lot of advertisements and this huge amount may lead to the channel losing a viewer. But they try to rely on the fact that the music is going to play for the  24 hours.

The show follows the same pattern of releasing a song in the country as on the internet. Video quality is up to date with high-definition. A lot of people dedicate songs and messages to their dear ones, which is displayed on the TV. With the latest addition of some funky graphics, the look is revamped to make it more appealing to the youth. The show is good to tune into is for someone who loves to hear the latest music.