Hindi Tv Show Jijaji Chhat Per Hai aka Jijaji Chhat Per Hain

Jijaji Chhat Par Hai Hindi TV SHOWS on SAB TV

This is a Hindi sitcom aired on SAB TV. Its first show was aired on 9th January 2018. The show is about how a father is constantly trying to stop his daughter from being with his tenant. The leads of the show are Hiba Nawab, Nikil Khurana and, Anup Upadhyay.

Murari Bansal is the owner of a lehenga shop in Chandni Chowk. He lives with his wife, Karunaand, an outspoken daughter, Elaichi, who flung every year in class eleven just to avoid growing up, even at the age of 21. There comes a twist when Murari decides to rent out his rooftop room and, Pancham buys it.

Pancham is an innocent boy who dreams to be a music director but ends up working for Murari. Murari had a law of renting the room only to married couples, so Parncham disguises Pintu, his friend as his wife. Elaichi was quite smart and, caught this lie, but did not tell her father. She enjoys Pancham’s company and, is constantly seen with him.