Hindi Tv Show Chhupa Rustam

Chhupa Rustam Hindi Tv shows on Imagine tv

Chhupa Rustam was a comedy show that was aired on NDTV Imagine. It had been a great show in the Indian television and it was hosted by Arun Thapar. The main concept of the show was to create funny situations in front of the common people on the road to make them fools. This is sounding a little rude but anyone could enjoy these jokes because of this concept it makes it different from other comedy shows. It also had one interesting feature the viewer could send their ideas and could win a lot of exciting prizes. Chhupa Rustam used to come on every Sunday 12 noon.

There were many tricks to make people fool. There were tricks like hanging a purse on the tree. This serial made people laugh in a natural way. It was a 100% entertaining program that entertained whole of the family. A couple of actors get out on the streets and pulls out one of the commoners. It was said if you see a fat sardar ji coming your way just run he may be Gurpreet trying to find something new for Chupa Rustam. Gurpreet acting was said to be so hilarious that at the end of the show nobody gets angry or irritated. The camera used to be hidden somewhere so that the commoner could not see it and get trapped in their trap.