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After such big hits like Tum Sy Mil Ke, Mumkin, and AdhuriAurat, director Furqan Khan returns to the small screen withBheegiPalkein. After the huge success of Bashar Momin, the dynamic duo - Faisal Qureshi and Ushna Shah are back once again playing love interests. The story revolves around Meherbano (Ushna Shah) who meets Umar (AffanWaheed) by a chance encounter. This was going to become the most significant event in her life. Having a sick mother at home, to whom she was much devoted to, she couldn’t help but fall for Umar. As for him, he reciprocated the feelings. They both decided to marry each other. While they were really glad about their decision, the same could not be said for Umar’s sister, Fareeha (FaryalMehmood).

She wanted Ayesha, an affluent friend of hers, to become her sister-in-law. Unfortunately for her, this was not meant to be. Thus began her eternal jealousy and hatred for Meherbano. The story takes an unexpected turn when Umar dies in a car accident. Meherbano breaks down in utter shock and disbelief. On the day of his funeral, a new character (the male lead) emerges - Hassan (Faisal Qureshi), who was engaged to Fareeha when they were little.

Initially, Fareeha never liked him, let alone the idea of him becoming her husband one day. But seeing him after all these years, she could not help but fall for him – who is now a successful man. But once again to her disappointment, things didn’t turn out the way she wanted them to. Hassan is infatuated with Meherbano. He starts noticing all the minute details about her – her eyes, her face, and above all, her kindness. Unable to process this turn of events, Fareeha starts manipulating her way towards Hassan – an art she had perfected by now. She does many unspeakable things to get her way. She wants Hassan at any cost. Her actions even lead her towards Hassan’s mother, who is very gullible, and therefore quite prone to her manipulations. Soon after that, she dies.

The blame for killing her goes to Meherbano, courtesy of Fareeha. To her surprise, when even Hassan starts to believe that she had indeed killed his mother, she has a nervous breakdown and has to be taken to a rehabilitation centre. With Meherbano out of the way, Fareeha wins over Hassan by her charm. They get married pretty soon after that, but she is not as happy as she thought she would be. The reason being that she feels guilty for killing Hassan’s mother, but she couldn’t possibly confess to anyone.

The show is very engaging as it raises some undeniable questions about human behaviour as the characters develop. Can Fareeha have a change of heart? Will there be a happy ending for Hassan and Meherbano? And when will they finally be together? It is obvious, though, that the suspense is going to build up a lot more before we finally get some answers. Interested viewers can catch it anytime on the APlus Entertainment Website.