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Nuzhat Saman is a well-known screenwriter from Pakistan. With a lot of knowledge about the present issues. Even during her college days, Nuzhat Saman showed interest in literary activities. She has written many dramas and some popular Pakistani television shows. Some of the famous works of Nuzhat Saman are : -FIAT through, the drama Fitrat, Nuzhat Saman, wants to portray how poverty has its drawbacks on people. And how to come out of this vicious cycle of poverty people, can go to different limits.

-BHAROSA PYAAR TERA in this writing, Nuzhat Saman wanted to show that how family politics revolve not just in the business sphere but also in marriages and how just to strengthen business alliances people were forced into marriages. -SANGAR through, Sangar, Nuzkat Saman, wants to show the dynamics in marriage. And how dirty this sacred relation can become by the involvement of power and greed. -SOYA MERA NASSEB through, the plot of this writing, Nuzhat Saman wants to highlight the role of fate. And how some incidents in a person's life can completely change their future. In the writings of Nuzhat Saman, it has been seen that she never stuck to any one idea or social issue. Her dramas always touched diverse social matters.


Born: 5 March 1974

Age Now 50

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Born: 5 March 1974

Age Now 50

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Born: 4 March 1988

Age Now 36

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Born: 4 March 1961

Age Now 63

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Born: 3 March 1994

Age Now 30

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Born: 3 March 1982

Age Now 42

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