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An American science fiction series was first aired on NBC from the years 1986-1990. ALF was the first series which was presented by DOLBY SURROUND. The show is about a friendly extra-terrestrial ALF or Alien Life Forms. His ship crashes in the garage of a middle-class Tanner family. ALF comes from the planet Melmac. He follows a radio signal to Earth but crashes into the Tanner’s garage. The Tanner’s live in the suburban part San Fernando Valley, California.

The family of four consists of Willie who is a social worker, Kate, his wife, Lynn, their teenage daughter, Brain, their youngest son and their pet cat named Lucky. The Tanner’s take in ALF and hide him in their home from the US Department of Alien Task Force and also from their nosy neighbours, the Ockmonek. ALF decides to stay there till he can repair his spaceship. He usually spends his time hiding in the kitchen. It is further revealed that ALF’s home planet Melmac, got destroyed because of a nuclear war. ALF later becomes a part of the Tanner family. ALF suffers from culture shock, boredom, despair on losing his planet and because of this it causes difficulty to the Tanner’s.

Even though all the problems caused by ALF, the Tanner family starts to love ALF and becomes like a family member. In each episode, the viewers will be able to see how ALF adjusts to Earth and learns about the people of Earth and also makes friends outside the family. Some of ALF’s friends are Willie’s brother Neal, Dorothy, Kate’s widow mother with whom he shares a love-hate relationship, Jake, Ockmonek’s nephew and more. ALF is short and covered in fur, he has a snout, moles on his face and has eight stomachs. His heart is situated near is right ear. He can whistle without even opening his mouth. He likes eating cats and burping.

ALF has a huge appetite. ALF is sarcastic, cynical and troublesome and sometimes due to his pranks, he almost makes his alien presence know due to it. When he makes a big mess due to his trouble causing nature, he tries to fix it with positive outcomes most of the times. ALF comes from a large family and is a Carolina Panther fan. This show was produced by Alien Productions. This series ran for four seasons with a total of 99 episodes. It also had three one-hour episodes which make a total of 102 episodes.