Hindi Tv Serial Zabaan Sambhalke

Zabaan Sambhalke Hindi Tv serials on Doordarshan

Zabaan Sambhalke is a Hindi daily sitcom. It is directed by Rajiv Mehra. It’s actual, a Hindi version of the British television series: Mind Your Language [2007]. This was followed by another popular sitcom called Dekh Bhai Dekh, on DD Metro, in 1993. The television show ran quite successfully for the two seasons, first in 1993 with 54 episodes on DD Metro Channel, and then in 1997 with 52 episodes on Home TV. The cast of the show featured popular actors Viju Khote, Pankaj Kapoor, Tom Alter, and Subha Khote.

The show makes a come, but only in a re-telecasted manner, on SAB TV and later on the Bindass channel. The plot of the show revolves around Mohan Bharti, who is an engineer, but forced to teach Hindi in a school. His students are mainly people from all corners of the country and as well as the world. Along with them is the most obnoxious Miss Lata Dixit, who is the Principal of the Institution. The show is themed on the comedy based cultural shock. Mohan Bharti’s role is played by Pankaj Kapoor. He is neither charming, nor handsome, and is shorter than even all the girls in his class.

The Receptionist and the other girls in the class flirt with him. He keeps on complaining about increasing his pay to Miss Dixit. He frequently loses his wit, screams over the students, and storms out of the class. Lata Dixit’s role is played by Shubha Khote. She is a shrewd woman, who never got around to marry, and often fancies of being a Bollywood actress. Later in the show, she gets involved in a romantic relationship with the Russian student, Nikolai. Archana, who is Miss Dixit’s Secretary, her role is played by Meenakshi Shukla. And the peon, Chaturvedi, his role is played by Chandu Parkhi. These were all the staff members in the television show’s casts.

The students who were in the show’s cast includes Bhavana Balsavar as Vijaya Southeast [a.k.a. Miss Vijayadurai from Madurai], Charles Spencers’ character is played by Tom Alter, Rajinder Mehra as Makkhan Singh [who is a Sikh government employee], Tanaaz Irani as Jennifer Jones [a stewardess], Mungwango Asoyo’s character is played by Simon Asoyo [who is an African from Congo], Viju Khote as Vittal Bapurao Pote, Hosi Vasunia as Anatoli Molatov, Keith Stevenson as Sheikh Ruslan-Al-Sulaah, Dinyaar Tirandaz as Keki Dastoor Contractor, and finally, Vivek Vaswani’s role was played by himself.