Hindi Tv Serial Wagle Ki Duniya

Wagle Ki Duniya Hindi Tv serials on Dd national
Wagle Ki Duniya is a prominent Indian comedy sitcom, broadcasted on DD National. It was first aired in year 1988 up to year 1990, under the direction of Kundan Shah and created by the popular Indian cartoonist and illustrator, R. K. Laxman. It is an adaptation of Laxman’s cartoon series, the “Common Man”, which represents a quintessential common man.

Wagle Ki Duniya story is based on the lives of Srinivas Wagle (played by Anjan Srivastav), a clumsy sales clerk together with his wife, Radhika Wagle (played by Bharati Achrekar). The story revolves on the struggles in Srinivas Wagle’s everyday life. Each episode presents a different story about the middle class family and their daily endeavors which is almost mundane yet very exhilarating.

This weekly television series was visualize by R. K. Laxman and narrated the script. It is also based on the character of a typical and ordinary man. Wagle Ki Duniya will supposedly run for only six episodes but due to the positive response that the series received, it runs for 13 episodes and fulfilled a cult hiatus. Anjan Srivastav became a household name and later on, it was revived to Wagle Ki Duniya or The New World of Wagle. The legendary Shah Rukh Khan also made a guest appearance in eleven episodes of Wagle Ki Duniya prior to his debut in television, Fauji in 1988.

One of the most unforgettable episodes of Wagle Ki Duniya is when Wagle went out to buy fabric for his curtains during the celebration of Diwali, but he paid ten times the amount of the fabric needed. As a result, his family does not only have curtains but they also have covers for their sofa, saree and shirts using the same fabric that he bought.