Hindi Tv Serial Tumhari Disha

Tumhari Disha Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Tumhari Disha is a popular Indian family drama series developed by Film fare India, which was aired on Zee TV; this serial is based on the life of a girl named Disha, and the situations that changed her life forever. The series were premiered on August 22, 2004, and aired every Monday to Friday.

This Serial is of two daughters of Bhosales named Disha and Rano, who are fair and practical; which resulted in a close bonding within family members. But the past comes back to haunt you which creates a rift between the siblings. Disha gets to know about Rano’s secret love. Rano was in love with Inder, but Inder wanted to marry Rano’s sister which is Disha. But Rano’s mother convinces Disha to let go her love for Rano as Disha was not their biological daughter. After getting to know the truth, Disha feels lost and abandoned, hence she sacrifices her love life for her sister and asks in return love from her foster parents.

The story revolves around Disha, her problems, How that one compromise changes Disha’s life, how Suhasini who is the mother starts accepting Disha as a family member, and how the bonding with Rano goes haywire once Rano gets married to Inder.