Hindi Tv Serial Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasmaan

Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasmaan Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Thodi si zameen thoda sa aasmaan was an Indian TV series which was based on the life of the mill workers who got unemployed as their mill had shut down. The lead character in the story was Uma who worked hard to earn money as her father and brother were also working in that mill which was closed. Hence Uma tried to motivate the workers by telling them to accommodate to multiple roles which can be used in the running of a mill. Uma also went to school to fulfil her dreams. Basically, the story was created for the hard-working people who resided in a Basti or slum and hence they were forced to work on a mill or garments. When the mill or garments get shut, the people of the slum get disheartened as their only way of income gets stopped. But Uma played an important role to motivate the slum dwellers. Thus the story was very unique and the concept had its root in reality. The serial was produced by the famous Ekta Kapoor. The lead character Smriti Irani was also involved with Ekta Kapoor in producing the serial.

The series was based on the life of Uma. Uma had her parents and a brother along with a sister. She was the eldest member of the family. Her father and brother worked in a mill but the mill got shut. Hence the earning member of her family got unemployed and she was forced to earn. She was very happy with her family. She was 27 but she still didn’t marry due to the responsibility she owed towards her family. Her brother and father wanted her to get married but in vain. Then In a Holi event, her brother was killed mercilessly with a knife. He was a trade union leader and thus he was killed by his enemies. She got very hurt, but she had to manage herself and manage her family.

Life moved on and Uma shouldered the responsibilities of her family very well. Then she met a guy named Sudhanshu and she fell in love with her. Sudhanshu also loved Uma and hence married her. Sudhanshu was very rich and Uma had to adjust there as she hailed from a Slum. But she managed perfectly. At the very day, when Uma married Sudhanshu, Uma understood that Sudhanshu was mentally ill. Uma tried heart and soul to make Sudhanshu a normal man but the task was not easy. Uma’s in-laws were not happy with her as she hailed from slum. Uma had once trounced her Devar Sambhav, who then decided to take revenge on Uma. He made intercourse with Uma’s younger sister. Thus Uma was depressed. She wanted to file a case against him but before that, she was sent to jail by her in-laws. They filed a case against her for not giving her husband correct medicines which was a lie.

Uma got her bail and she came to know that her husband recovered from his mental disease. Then her husband gave him divorce paper to sign. Uma was shocked at her husband’s decision. Uma’s father learnt it and got a heart-attack and died. Uma decided not to sign the divorce papers because if she signed it her husband would get the property of slum in his name. But they illegally made the slum their property. Hence the slum people were thrown away to the streets and they were left with nothing and even their homes were overtaken by Sudhanshu and his family. Uma gathered courage and decided to fight against them. She motivated the slum people to fight against those people who had taken away their homes. Everybody supported her and hence they won over Sudhanshu and his family and finally they got their slum back. But they still needed their mill and for that, they needed a large amount of money.

Uma took help from a rich man who wanted Uma to be her daughter’s governess in return. Uma accepted it. But it was a big defeat for Uma’s husband Sudhanshu and thus he abducted that rich man’s daughter. But finally, after all, sorrows truth and honesty prevailed. The rich man got his daughter back and the slum people got their houses back and everything ended on a happy note. The series was completely unique as the concept was totally different and they dramatised it perfectly. The serial got good appreciation from the viewers.

Smriti Irani played the role of Uma. Manohar played his role as Uma’s father, Usha nadkarni as Uma’s mother, Namita as Uma’s sister, Pawan Shankar as Uma’s brother, and Kiran Karmakar as Sudhanshu.

The serial was premiered on the 20th of August on 2006 and it ended on the 2nd of September on 2007. The serial had completed its 55th episode when it ended. The serial was broadcasted on Star Plus.