Hindi Tv Serial Tere Bin

Tere Bin Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

‘Tere Bin’ is an Indian television romantic drama serial which is being broadcasted on ‘&TV’. This show is a Hindi language show, which has started running from 18 July 2016. This show has been created by Naresh Borde and has been written by Meer Muneer. This series is being produced by Naresh Babu Rao Borde and Amol Babu Rao Borde under the banner of ‘Shree Sidhivinayak Chitra’.

The location of this romantic love story is set in Mumbai. The story is about a guy named Akshay who sacrifices his love to maintain his friendship. The problems he faces because of the circumstances are told in the serial.

Dr Akshay during his college life is in love with a girl named Nandini and they both decide to marry each other. Nandini is an orphan who is raised by her relatives. Nandini always dreamt of a beautiful life with Akshay, but her dreams are shattered when Akshay leaves her all of a sudden and goes far away from her. Akshay has a friend named Nilesh, who dies in an accident. Nilesh has a fiancé named Vijaya who is pregnant with Nilesh’s child. In order to protect Vijaya’s name, Akshay decides to marry Vijaya, thus sacrificing his love. Akshay marries Vijaya and gives Vijaya’s daughter his name. Akshay, Vijaya and her daughter Neeti live a happy life. Being his first love, Akshay always loved Nandini.

After eight years, one fine day Nandini comes into Akshay’s life. Nandini comes to nursing home as a new doctor and is shocked to see that Akshay is married to Vijaya and they have a daughter. Akshay, on seeing Nandini approaches her to say all that happened but instead she yells at him for betraying her eight years ago and leaves. Akshay becomes disheartened. On the other hand, Vijaya who does not know about Akshay’s past feels that it is the right time for her to move on from her past forgetting Nilesh and accepting Akshay as her husband and win his heart. Everyone come to know that Neeti is suffering his diabetes and Nandini helps them in doing Neeti’s surgery. Vijaya starts doubting Akshay for having an affair with Nandini. The rest of the serial is about whom Akshay will choose and how their lives will turn out.

The main hero of this series is being played by Gaurav Khanna as Akshay Sinha. The roles of main female leads are being played by Shefali Sharma and Khushboo Tawde as Vijaya Sinha and Nandini Bhatt respectively. The role of Vijaya’s daughter Neeti is played by Mahi Milan Kanani.