Hindi Tv Serial Surya The Super Cop

Surya The Super Cop Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Surya The Super Cop is a famous TV drama show in Hindi broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television. The story is based on three investigating units working parallel with each other on cases. Each episode starts with a new crime, and the whole unit starts investigating the crime.

Surya ‘the super cop’ is recruited and he helps them in solving the case with ease. Surya the superhero of this TV serial is about 40-45 of age, with mature and good looks and intellect. He is blind and can hardly see anything but no one can figure it out as he does his entire routine like a normal person.

The whole story revolves around Surya who worked as officer in Police prior to his suspension and a departmental team is inquiring the catastrophic episode in which Surya lost his sight and a few police officers lost their lives when the team led by Surya is chasing the culprits. However, he still helps police in cases where the investigating team can’t nab the culprits. They take Surya's assistance, and he always gives them hints which solve the cases. Surya is well respected by his colleagues and superiors. They always seek help in solving crime cases.