Hindi Tv Serial Shrimati Sharma Na Kehti Thi

Shrimati Sharma Na Kehti Thi Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
Shrimati Sharma Na Kehti Thi was a television show that used to be broadcast on Star Plus. The show was aired every Monday at 730 pm. It starred Bharati Achrekar in the lead role and was a mash of two television genres, the music genre and the comedy genre.

The serial revolved around the life of a middle-class housewife called Savitri Sharma. Mrs. Sharma had an amazing memory and a great love for Bollywood movies and loved anything related to them; be it songs, dialogues and even dances. This bizarre combination resulted in some truly hilarious antics as she tried to reconcile her daily life to her love for Bollywood. This love of Mrs. Sharma was also used by the serial to count down some of the top songs in Hindi movies at the time. The serial was an immediate hit among housewives in the country since they were able to relate to the main character and especially towards her attitude toward the drudgery of housekeeping chores.

The show also had an interesting gimmick in that the main character was the only actress shown on the serial; all other characters were faceless and only their voices were heard off screen. This unique method of presentation attracted some viewers, although it discouraged a few people from watching the show.