Hindi Tv Serial Shobha Somnath Ki

Shobha Somnath Ki Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Shobha Somnath Ki is a historical drama that portrays an ancient story. The story is about a girl named Shoba, who stood between Somnath temple and wrong intentions of Mahmud Ghaznavi. This tale was a dedication to an unsung heroine, who fought hard for what she believed, was right. The story starts with 11th century where Shoba’s mother is struggling to give birth to her daughter and in the process she dies. Shobha is also disliked by her father as he believes that she killed her mother.

Shobha refrained from that of her parent's love for a lifetime. However, she finds love in her close relative King Dadda Chalukya and the Queen. Throughout her life, Shobha as seen love, betrayal, life and friendship, but has always found life beautiful. She shares a very special bond with her cousin Chaula and has grown up in shades of friendship with her. The story starts with Shobha and Chaula being kids and then the story takes a leap and the two girls are shown as grown-ups. Apart from everything else, Shobha holds a special place for her motherland in her heart, and has guts to fight for her land. When she becomes adolescent, she gets to know about wrong intentions of Mahmud Ghaznavi who wants to steel all the gold from Somnath Temple and Shobha’s motherland. Shobha, with the help of 2 lack plunderers, goes on a spree to fight against Ghaznavi.

She does not possess any great batting skills or any warfare techniques, but she has an agile mind and strong will power. She fights Mahmud wit all her capacity. The show was started in Zee Tv on 20 June 2011 but faced a lot of competition from other channels showing serials on the same genre. As the publicity decreased, the show timings were changed and even the number of episodes decreased in a month. The last episode of the serial was shown on February 26, 2012.

Vikramjeet Virk  As Mahmud Ghaznavi: Vikramjeet was born on 19 July 1984 and started off his career with Lakme India Fashion week in the year 2003. From there on, he never looked back. He kept on doing ads, videos and finally got a movie proposal from Ashutosh in the movie khele hum jee jann se. Then he acted in several Telugu movies and has also done some serials. 'Srishty Rode' As Grown Up Shobha: Srishty is from Mumbai and started her career in the year 2010 with the serial Yeh Ishq Haaye. From there on she has acted in four TV serials and has made her mark in the small screen industry.