Hindi Tv Serial Sati - Satya Ki Shakti

Sati - Satya Ki Shakti Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one
Sati – Satya ki Shakti is a hit television serial showcasing the power and fight for truth, law and justice aired on Sahara One Television. The show was produced by Percept picture company, directed by Hemanth Prabhu and written by the Rang de Basanti fame writer Kamlesh Pandey.

The maker’s intention with this serial was to show to the Indian masses that a woman, who is a daughter, a daughter-in-law, mother, etc. amongst many more, is actually the biggest pillar of strength too. She is the mirror and reflection of the society. And once she decides to raise her voice and fight for her rights, no one and nothing and deter her from the goal. The show also symbolized the color black, which is frequently misunderstood as the color of evil and mourning, as actually being the color of power and authority and hence the color of Sati. With this show, Sahara One wished to bring to television audiences a different shade of entertainment, fulfilling its promise of ‘Television Ke Naye Rang’.

The title role of Sati is played by the strong and charming, Manasi Salvi of the ‘Koi Apna Sa’ and ‘Sarathi’ Fame. The other cast members include, Ayub Khan, Karan Mehra, Sonia Kapoor, Kiran Bhargav, Rishina Kandhari, Vineet Raina, Dimple Hirji, Dimple Inamdar, Sandeep Rajora and Tarun Khanna, among others.

Sati’s character portrays a strong and fun-loving girl in the third year of law school. She is full of life, colors and dreams that she wants to fulfill for her and her family. But all this color fades when a tragic incident happens in her life; a few guys who she assumed to be her friends rape her. The Culprits go unpunished due to a shameless insufficiency of justice and hostile witnesses. She is left alone in the walk of life, with her own family leaving her side. This brings out the shades of black in her, which she turns into her strength and decides to fight for her own justice and also others who have had the same fate. She carries her own investigation and gets the right proofs to prove her culprits guilty and gets them their rightful punishment. How Sati manages to pull this task and where the fight and journey of truth takes her, forms the crux of the story.

She proves to be a role-model for all woman symbolizing confidence and courage, clad in a black saree, black bangles and black bindi. She goes on to start an all-women law firm called ‘Swayam’, where even the peons are women. She decides to give the taste of her brain and brawn to the society which had rejected her and left her alone. She draws her strength from the black color and goes on to touch many women’s life, helping them and uncovering the truth. The absence of her loved one’s creates certain emptiness in her life, which also reflects in her decisions from time to time. Her cruel past makes her vulnerable to trusting people, so much that she gets confused with confessing to the man she loves. She goes on to become a strong woman who stands on the foundations of Truth, Justice and Honesty.

The show also accepted real-life cases from the audience, with Sati providing them solutions. The Show and its story was not much liked though due to its boldness and came to a close after a short stint of barely six months. The abrupt closure of the show upset Manasi Salvi so much that she decided to even quit television, only to later return with a bang.

It was aired Monday-Friday, 8pm. The show premiered on May 29th, 2006 and the last episode was telecasted on October 6th, 2006 running for a very short period of 6 months.