Hindi Tv Serial Saat Vachan Saat Phere

Saat Vachan Saat Phere Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Saat Vachan Saat Phere is a television show that is aired on Doordarshan National. Doordarshan is a government-owned television network. It is a national channel. Saat Vachan Saat Phere is Hindi television show and is catered to the Hindi speaking audience of India. Saat Vachan Saat Phere is said to air on Sunday at 3:00 AM. The producer of Saat Vachan Saat Phere, the television show, is Mittar Singh and the director for this show, is Shiva Tripathi. The actors of the show Saat Vachan Saat Phere are; Avtar Gill, Sudip Pandey, Rishina Kandhari, Divya Dwivedi, Saundarya Garg, and Gufi Pental. All the actors in this show are talented and put forward their best foot in their performances. The story revolves around the name of the television show Saat Vachan Saat Phere.

Saat Phere is a Hindu ritual that takes place during weddings and is an integral component of the marriage ceremony. The groom and bride are attached by the cloth of their clothes and are asked to circle the holy fire seven times. This television show is a drama that involves two families. One is of Nithin Malhotra and the other Vijyender Singhania. They both are business partners and good friends too. They have a mentor, Pratap Verma, who gives them guidance. Singhania has a son named Shivam, who is his youngest son, he is arranged to get married to Nithin’s sister, Aradhana. All is fine until Joseph enters.

Joseph is the son of Nithin’s manager. He falls deep in love with Aradhana. When Aradhana is about to get married to Shivam with everyone’s consent, she suddenly declares her love for Joseph. A family feud starts between the two partners. Years pass on into the marriage of Aradhana and Joseph when Aradhana does not gel well with Joseph’s father, Peter. Joseph, his father and their ten-year-old daughter, leave the house, leaving Aradhana alone. Kathy eventually grows up and marries the third generation of Vijeynder’s family. There is opposition in the beginning as both the families are rivals with each other.

She, despite not being a Hindu, follows all the traditions of the Hindu ceremony including the Saat Vachan and the Saath Phere. Kathy eventually mends ways and tries to bring both families together. She teaches her family members and her mother how to change their paths and how to stay honest and sacred to the religious scriptures and tries to bring the families together.