Hindi Tv Serial Neeli Chatri Waale

Neeli Chatri Wale Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Neeli Chatri Waale is a show that revolves around the life of a man named Bhagwan Das (played by Yashpal Sharma and Rajesh Kumar). He is an ordinary man and is suffering from innumerable personal and professional problems. His wife, father, and boss constantly torment him. His own children are ashamed of him because he is an underwear salesman. During the catastrophic circumstances of his life, he meets a man who carries a blue umbrella, called Shivaye (played by Himanshu Soni).

Little does he know that only he can see him because Shivaye is Lord Shiva on Earth as a human. Shivaye guides Bhagwan Das through his tumultuous life and assists him in his various dilemmas. Shivaye also confesses to Bhagwan Das that he is Lord Shiva, but like anyone, Bhagwan has a hard time believing it. The story revolves around the concept that everyone prays to God every day, and mostly to blame him/her for the troubles of their lives. However, there is a constant perennial search for him, which portrays their indecisiveness. It is true that everyone has pondered on the thought of meeting God.

Wondering whether he will have the answers to your questions, or more questions for your answers. That is the story of Bhagwan Das. A man who has faced God and befriended him in the process. The show is in constant exploration of a unique connection between man and God, as friends. It also tries to highlight the philosophy of God being within everyone. The lighthearted drama portrays hope through a God within each one of us and portrays the message of God always being with us, in person or not.