Hindi Tv Serial Nargis


Inter-cast marriages have always been a huge topic of discussion in society. Some people have supported it while some have always been against it. But this is what most of the people have never been in favor. Nargis is one such show that has almost the same story plot. The program is aired on DD National. Nargis is the story of a young girl named Nargis. She falls in love with a guy. The show has portrayed a beautiful love story of the two young people. They eventually get married. But society as always is not happy with their action. Her parents are shattered because of this decision of hers as they never wanted her to do anything against their wishes.

This twist in the show has made it a big hit. The struggle of their love story made the show a super hit. The title song of the show ‘Akeli Hai Nargis’ also became very popular amongst its viewers. The lead role, ‘Nargis’ was played by Mayuri Kango and was highly famous. She gained a huge fan following after the show. It was 33 episode series which was afterward aired on Star Plus also after completing its season on Doordarshan. The show was highly liked by the audience, and the interesting story plot kept its viewers intact and stay connected.