Hindi Tv Serial Lekin Woh Sach Tha

Lekin Woh Sach Tha Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN


Lekin Woh Sach Tha is another horror serial that used to be broadcasted on Doordarshan in the late 90s. Doordarshan is the most viewed channel in the country, and it was a great platform for showcasing your talents through the television. Hence, the channel used to broadcast many documentaries, short film, drama serials and many other shows of other genres.

However, there was a genre missing and people have been demanding a lot for it, and that was shows related to the horror genre. People wanted to see a good thriller and horror show after "Kile Ka Rahasya" which was one of the best horror shows on Doordarshan. By considering the demands of the Indian audience, the channel has come up with another horror show named "Lekin Woh Sach Tha."

The show, however, did not manage to get a prime-time slot due to the earlier fixed schedule and the fact that most of the serials were doing well in the prime-time, and there was no reason the channel was going to replace them. Hence, the show got a very unfavorable time slot for its telecast. It was broadcasted in the morning. The time slot it was given lasted for around thirty minutes. It was very strange for the channel to telecast a horror show in the morning. Also, the show was not broadcasted daily and was shown on the big screen on a weekly basis.

It was given the day of Saturday for its telecast and was suited best as having a weekend can gain more audience for the show. The story or the plot of the show was based on a unique concept. It focused on the supernatural happenings in a village which most of the people did not believe and considered them delusional. However, people who have experienced those things in the darkness of night were pretty sure about that they did not believe in what the rest of the villagers believed. The people of the village are divided into two parts and started having conflicts among themselves.

However, after a series of events that happened in the village, the residents of the village started believing in the haunted stories and experiences of the rest of the villagers. The same concept was taken to title the show. The differences between the beliefs of the villa separated them into two parts and was used to title the show very aptly "Lekin Woh Sach Tha." In other words, it means "but it was true," hence countering with the beliefs of the rest. The serial showcased some horror sequences that were considered best and were able to scare the viewers even in the lights of the morning. The show created a unique and loyal fan base, and those who were not in that did not really like the show much.