Hindi Tv Serial Kahin Diyaa Jale Kahin Jiyaa

Kahin Diyaa Jale Kahin Jiyaa Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Kahin Diyaa Jale Kahin Jiyaa was a soap opera broadcast on Sony TV. The first episode was aired on 22 April 2002, and it ended on 16 October 2002, completing 103 episodes. This was a story about love, pain, and sacrifice. The main protagonist in the series is Rohit Rajvansh, played by Mukul Dev. Rohit comes from a wealthy family, and he gets engaged to Payal, a girl who comes from a rich family as well.

Rohit doesn't love Payal because he is still in love with Suhasini even though she broke up the relationship with him after finding out that she can't conceive a baby with him. Payal is unaware of her husband's love towards Suhasini, and her dream of a beautiful and happy life with him shatter when she discovers that her mother-in-law wanted Suhasini to be Rohit's wife, but accepted Payal only because she can give birth to her grandchildren.

Payal finds herself in a constant fight with her own feelings, the feelings of her husband towards another woman, and the feelings of his mother in law. The soft-spoken and calm Payal deals with all of them individually and tries not to hurt anyone. The role of Payal is played by Prachi Shah, the role of Suhasini is played by Reena Wadhwa, and the role of Rohit's mother is played by Rajita Kochar.

The TV audience accepted this series with great pleasure because it was filled with lots of emotions, romance, and heartbreak.