Hindi Tv Serial Hello Pratibha

Hello Pratibha Hindi tv-serials on ZEE TV

Hello Pratibha is one of the finest serial being telecasted on the premier Zee television and being made off in all of around 135 episodes. It's been clearly the depiction of the Indian women sacrifice for the family in the society and to meet against all the odds just to please every member of the family showing her care love and affection towards each and every member of the family. It's a story about a woman of how she forgets her own personal interests, her goals and her talents too, just to fulfill the responsibilities of being a good wife, a caring mother along with also being a good daughter-in-law in the family and later the way in which she eventually tries to discover her own self that too after the period of 16 long years of marriage, exploring her own strengths and identity then, that is all about the main story of Zee TV's show "Hello Pratibha".

In this soap opera the actress, Ms. Binny Sharma has again returned with her third big stint on this channel through this show, in which she is now playing as the protagonist character named Pratibha, who is a 36-year-old woman based in Jhansi and a mother of the two kids. Pratibha here is being filled up with the hope and an ambition along with the talent of her own. She is also being married for 16 long years and devoting an entire of her life towards her husband, her kids, and also her in-laws in these years, by taking all due care of them, and in all, thus thereby facing her own identity crisis.

In this serial, actor Sachal Tyagi played the character of Pratibha’s husband as Mahendra Agarwal, Snigdha Pandey as Sunidhi Agarwal character of her Devrani, Shazil Khan as Anmol Mahendra Agarwal character of being her son, Riddhi Arora as Pehu Mahendra Agarwal character of her daughter, Sheeba Chaddha as Pushpa Chachi, who tries to bring the change in Pratibha to regain her lost identity in the family and other interesting characters too around whom the story of Pratibha revolves.

The family, especially Pratibha's Devrani Sunidhi tries to lower down the Pratibha’s image in the family, thus by playing different plots against her and also instigating her mother in law against Pratibha. Every time she will be able to overcome them through her commitment to the family, but in the end, Pratibha realises her identity and strives with the help of Pushpa Chachi to regain her importance and value in the family. An overall, it’s an interesting serial to watch the struggle of the homemaker in the family and her striving hard to regain her lost importance in the family.