Hindi Tv Serial Gutur Gu Season 3

Gutur Gu Season 3 Hindi tv-serials on SAB TV

SAB TV has brought to India its first silent comedy, “Gutur Gu”. Silent comedy is a form of film that is related to mime but is distinct from it. It was used to bring humour into movies. Silent comedy was present before there was enough technology available to have synchronized visual and audio tracks.

SAB TV is a Hindi Television channel which caters to crowds looking for comedy that is suitable for the family. SAB TV is known to be India’s most loved family channel.

Gutur Gu revolves around the life of Balu. Balu is a simple, kind, ordinary, everyday type of a guy. He’s the typical “guy next door”. This show becomes funny when Balu ends up in troubles through his mishaps and misadventure in an otherwise mundane life. It is also Balu’s numerous encounters with various family members that make this show hilarious. The show takes on quirky twists and turns as the season progresses.

In Season 1, the story mainly revolves around Balu and his family, (wife, parents, and grandmother). It primarily revolves around his misadventures which lead to confusion and havoc. In Season 2, the story’s focus moves from the family to their city. It revolves mainly around a family from Punjab living in Mumbai. In Season 3, the story shifts back to Balu and his familial catastrophes.

The cast in Season 1 and Season 3 are similar. It is in season 2 that we see important changes in castings.

In Season 1, Balu was portrayed by ‘ Sunil Grover’. His wife, Smita Kumar portrayed by ‘ Sheetal Maulik’. His grandmother’s role was portrayed by ‘ Nayan Bhatt’. His mother, Babita Kumar’s role was portrayed by ‘ Bhavana Balsavar’. ‘ Jaydutt Vyas’ played as his father Jay Kumar. ‘ KK Goswami’ played as the cook, Pappu Maharaj. ‘ Jay Thakkar’ played as Cheeku, and ‘ Dayanand Shetty’ as Harpreet Singh, the neighbour.

The cast of Season 3 is pretty much the same except for the elimination of the grandmother and father characters.

In Season 2, there were additional characters added to the story. The present characters names changed (except Balu) and there was an additional Ahuja family added. The cast includes Jaydutt Vyas as Jay Ahuja, Bhavna Balsavar as Bhavna Ahuja, ‘ Anita Hassanandani’ as Anita Ahuja, ‘ Gaurav’ as Gaurav Ahuja, ‘ Rahul Lohani’ as Rahul Ahuja, ‘ Kushal Punjabi’ as the dancer, Dayanand Shetty as Daya Singh, ‘KK Goswani’ as K.K. and so on.

This show is directed by ‘Prabal Baruah’ and produced by ‘B P Singh’.