Hindi Tv Serial Gubbare

Gubbare Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Gubbare is a comedy based drama TV show which came on the channel Zee TV. The series is a Hindi language one that came on every week on Friday in the one-hour time slot of 9 to 10 PM. The program featured a range of short stories about different people in varied scenarios. They covered incidents which had a humorous side to them and showed the varying facets of human relationships. The program highlighted the very essence of life itself and brought to the front, the different aspects which make human relationships so special. All kinds of interpersonal relations got covered including that of husbands and their (or others’) wives, lovers, parents and their children, friends and also siblings. Every episode dives deeper into the emotional spectrum and the intricate lives of their characters.

The circumstances they find themselves in offer up the deepest emotions of their heart in such a manner that it manages to touch us all at a highly personal level. The show also consisted of a wonderful and heart touching title track. The same got designed by Vishal Bharadwaj, who had gotten the role of music director. Gulzar was the lyricist behind this heart-warming melody. Every new episode featured some of the industry’s finest actors. The stories got directed by different eminent directors in each week. The rib-tickling scenarios revolved around various kind of stories. Like that of a middle-aged hairdresser who despises old people and thinks they are a burden on Earth. One day he encounters a bald old man whom he cons into buying a hair reviving potion. But to his utter shock and bewilderment, he finds out that the potion worked, and the old guy got a thick crop of hair.

Convinced that he has accidentally stumbled on a gold mine, the hairdresser attempts tries to remember and reinvent the concoction he had given earlier but to no avail. He ultimately must go back to the old man and convince him to give whatever remains of the original formula back to him. Then there was the story of Shekhar and Shriya, who work in the same office and fall in love with each other. Shekhar, however, has hidden a very important fact from her that he is an orphan.Shriya, however, has always dreamed of staying with one big joint family. To make her dream come true, he hires a set of actors to play the role of his parents and his sister. They all hail from some very questionable backgrounds. He must now make sure his wife never learns of the truth, and this charade can soon get played out to its conclusion.