Hindi Tv Serial Gharwali Uparwali Aur Sunny

Gharwali Uparwali Aur Sunny Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS

Gharwali Uparwali aur Sunny is a comedy television serial in Hindi that used to be aired on the channel, Star Plus which is one of the most-watched primetime television channels in India. The channel is owned by the Star India network. The show, Gharwali Uparwali aur Sunny was first launched in the year 2003 on October 11th.The show started off as a promising show but later was not taken well by the audience. It did not gain much popularity, and due to low TRP, the show was taken off air in the year 2004. The episodes of the show ran for around 30 minutes each. The story of the show revolves around a small nuclear family with a husband, a wife, a son and the spiritual existence around them. Ravi, the father in the show, gets married to a beautiful woman.

However, his wife dies within the first year of their marriage without bearing any children. Ravi takes some time to recover from the devastation. Then he decides to marry again and brings home his beautiful second wife Pooja. Pooja and Ravi eventually have a son named Sunny. They lead a very happy and peaceful life. Sunny is now 10-years old. One fine day, at a party, a magician is called. The magician while showing some magic tricks accidentally invites a spirit down to earth. It turns out that the spirit is actually of Ravi’s first wife. Having realized this, the family tries to send back the spirit from where it came. But Ravi’s first wife has different plans. She decides that she wants to stay back in the same house and cause havoc in the peaceful lives of the family.

The show starts rolling from there on. Pooja is extremely upset with the situation, and a special kind of rivalry starts between Pooja and the spirit as to who can establish a superior power in the house and the husband. The show takes numerous comic turns from here, and many funny situations arise. The show, even though not very well received by the audience, had a very strong star cast. The character of Ravi was played by Mukul Dev Mukul Dev was born in Khatri Punjabi family. His f >> Read More... , the first wife of Ravi was played by Shruti Ulfat Shruti Ulfat is a stunning Indian television actre >> Read More... and the second wife, Pooja’s character was played by Seema Kapoor Seema Kapoor is a renowned veteran television and >> Read More... . Kaivalya Chheda Kaivalya Chheda was born and raised in Mulund, Mum >> Read More... played another major role in the show.