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Captain House Hindi Tv serials on Dd metro

Captain House was a funny horror TV show telecasted on DD Metro. The story was about Captain's House which spun as a haunted house in the serial. `Captain House´ turned into one of the most mainstream shows on Metro Channel at that time. With 52 episodes altogether, the show premiered on 1st January 1995. A sentimental and passionate comic drama, `Captain House´ was an amusing horror story about women with two kids living in a haunted house. This show blended up feelings yet made you hop out of your seat in tears of laughter. `Rekha Govil´, `Kanwaljeet Singh´, `Seema Deshmukh´, `Vaidehi Amrute´, `Shehzad Khan´ were some of the star cast of this show. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the direction of this TV series was by `Tariq Shah´.

In this horror-comedy, a woman named `Nishita´ who was always taunted and left alone by her in-laws after her husband's death, wanted to find a new house to live peacefully with her two children. She went to every broker but couldn't find the perfect residence.After a long search, one of the brokers took to her to an estate visit to the `Captain House´. As the name says, it was an army officer's house, who died in a car accident a long time ago. Instead of being big and beautiful, the `Captain's House´ was not been sold in the market as people thought is was Haunted. Nishita was, however, a new woman in the city and didn't know anything about it. Starting to feel hopeless of finding a beautiful house on such low budget and great need, Nishita finally agreed to buy the `Captain House´.

The Story starts after Nishita, her two children, and a maid who used to work for her in-laws, shifted in the house. It was not very late when Nishita realised that there is someone else in the house other than them. It was none other than the Captain's ghost. Sounds scary, right? The Captain started scaring them and telling them to leave his house. After some days of the scare, Nishita realised, that the Captain's ghost is not as dangerous as he shows himself to be. She started answering back telling the Captain she won't go anywhere and that it is her house, not his.

The Captain started troubling the kids. But after seeing their innocence, he stops it and become their friend. Gradually, this ghost starts melding in with the kids and Nishita, sharing fun and laughter, and their emotions as well. Shout and yell! Chuckle and cry! A comic drama show with a component of imagination in it, `Captain House´ stuffed in everything from chills and excited to feelings, stunts, enhancements and much more.

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Captain House is an Indian-Hindi language television serial that gets aired on DD Metro. The genre of the show is Comedy and Drama. The creator of the serial is Balaji Telefilms and the director is Tarriq Shah. The writer is Imtiyaz Patel and the co-producer is Ekta Kapoor. This show gets firstly broadcasted in the year 1995.

The star cats of the show include Kanwaljeet Singh, Vaidehi Amrute, Seema Deshmukh, Lekha Govil and Shehzad Khan. The number of seasons is 1 and the total number of episodes is 35. The Production location is at Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Running time of the show is 24 minutes. The story of the serial focuses on a haunted house with some element of fantasy. Peoples who are trapped in that house wants to get out of it.