Hindi Tv Serial Bh Se Bhade

Bh Se Bhade Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Bh Se Bhade was one of an own kind of show that ruled the hearts of the viewers with its innocent and lovable comedy. The story revolves around an innocent person called ‘Bhade’ who lives in a small town. Bhade has a supernatural power of taking any pain or trouble of anybody on himself. He is quite generous and can’t see any one in a difficult situation, so he helps them with an open heart.

As we know that powers come with great responsibilities, Bhade never shows his pain to anybody. Once, Bhade and their family visited an amusement park where they saw a poor kid with a broken leg, so he works to put a smile on his face by helping him. When he took his boss’s anger, this funny situation creates a lot of problems in his family.