Hindi Tv Serial Bajega Band Baaja

Bajega Band Baaja Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Bajega Band Baaja is a Hindi drama-comedy TV serial. The show originally aired in 2009 and ended in 2010 on DD National channel. Hasmukh Shah and Naveeta are the producers. The lead cast is Swwapnil Joshi as Sameer, Ami Trivedi as Nisha, Rajesh as Shekhar, Rakhi Verma as Gunjan, Rishi Kandhari as Bahaar, Pallavi Subash Chandran as Dilpreet.

The story revolves around Sameer, the only heir of a wealthy man in India. Sameer lives in America and comes back to India when he receives a message that his father is ill and won’t live for long. Sameer leaves everything behind to meet his father before things are too late. After coming to India, Sameer’s dad passes away, and in his will, leaves his entire fortune to Sameer, but under one condition. The condition states that Sameer is to marry an Indian girl, within one year, else he won’t see a dime of the inheritance.

Sameer has to leave his perfect life behind and stay in India till he finds the perfect bride for himself. He sets out to find the perfect woman, he faces many difficulties along the way; every attempt he makes turns into a series of hilarious mishaps, giving a laughter attack to the audience. His life is turned upside down in the process. Will Sameer find the perfect woman within a year and inherit his father’s fortune? Or will he lose the condition with nothing left for him?